Yefsis of Greece

Yefsis of Greece

Yefsis of Greece serves and delivers authentically Greek flavoured street food and is located at 57, London Road, Brighton BN1 4JE.

Chance can play as much a part in life as design and firm resolve. One rainy winter’s day in 1960 a little-known poet Leonard Cohen was staying in London, and retreated from the hail into a nearby building. This was a branch of the Bank of Greece, where the clerk – he noticed – had a suntan.

He told Cohen that he had just returned from a visit home, and that the weather was lovely over there at this time of year.

In that moment, Cohen decided that he would visit (as had the novelist John Fowles a few years earlier). One way and another, he decided upon the island of Hydra, five hours’ voyage from the mainland. And, for a modest amount, he bought a simple house there, soon joining those who frequented a harbourside café to await each day’s mail (perhaps including a cheque).

And so it was, in that congenial company, that he continued to write, and formed the idea of performing songs.

When Brighton now becomes subject to sea frets and mist, the idea of such a retreat is irresistible. But, for most of us, hardly practicable. At such moments a Greek restaurant has an even greater allure.

As Cohen found, a great part of their delight is that they do not stand on ceremony.

And it is a pity that there appear to be fewer of them in England than in past decades. What a delight, then, that on London Road there is Yefsis, which is Greek for taste. With an open kitchen, it almost makes that road feel as if it is on the coastline.

Who knows, Yefsis could inspire more Greek restaurants – and even pioneer a movement for bottles of retsina to oust chardonnay from the shelves.

To find out more about Yefsis of Greece including their delicious authentic Greek street food and restaurant menu call 01273 933 166 and/ or visit:


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