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Ringmer Dental

“My dear Algy, you talk exactly as if you were a dentist. It is very vulgar to talk like a dentist when one isn’t a dentist. It produces a false impression.” Such is the view expressed by Jack Worthing in Oscar Wilde’s The Importance of Being Earnest. Perhaps as Wilde wrote that line of a dialogue, during a restorative sojourn in Worthing (hence that choice of surname), he gave a wry smile – something which, in company, often led him to cover his mouth, for his teeth were becoming increasingly black during the five years he had left on Earth.

Such was nineteenth-century life – and much of the next one. Dentistry has advanced, not least in its endeavour to promote preventative treatment rather than the drill-and-fill régime. Look along any supermarket shelves, and there is an array of devices which make care of the teeth so much easier. It is a far cry from the mid-Sixties, when playwright Joe Orton startled the cast of his play Loot by showing them the set of false teeth given back to him after his mother had died the previous week – something very much in the spirit of that play.

How Mrs Orton and Wilde, among many millions of others, would have relished the chance to gargle with good mouthwash after wielding an electric toothbrush for two minutes, and then topping up the water in a flossing device.

All of which might make one sound like a dentist – a good impression. There can be few more heartening sensations than rising from that chair, confident that all is well.

Praise from a dentist is praise indeed.

Ringmer Dental of The Green, Lewes road, Ringmer BN8 5QE can be contacted on 01273 813898

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Kevin Grimshaw of cloud8.co.uk is the in house Designer of D2D Sussex and designed a leaflet for Dr Ashish Patel a Dental Surgeon of Ringmer Dental. I then sent this leaflet design artwork to our Print team for leaflet printing ready for D2D distribution team to deliver to Ringmer households.

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