What Makes A Successful Leaflet Campaign?

Leaflet door drops

Marketing your business is one of the most difficult things that you can do – it takes time, patience and commitment to get the job done properly. One of the most common ways of marketing a business is though door-to-door leaflet distribution. While it’s an old-school trick, it’s hugely popular with those who have utilised it in the past. The problem with running this type of service is making sure that what you are looking to achieve with the campaign – gaining new clients and getting phone calls – actually occurs. So, what are the smartest methods for making a successful door-to-door leaflet campaign?

Distribution Areas

You need to work out if you are distributing to the right areas. Let’s say for example that you provide a decorating service. Are you going to be posting this into high-income areas that are more likely to go for a full-scale re-design of the property, rather than an independent decorator? Basing your leaflet drop-off locations on areas that actually fit your demographic and style is very important. Make sure that any leaflet distribution campaigns you run are closely researched into finding the right type of demographic audience.

Delivery Style

“Solus” leaflet delivery is a very powerful method of marketing that can stand you in good stead. When you distribute your flyers or leaflets they can be posted along with other leaflets that you get in the mornings from take-away restaurants and the like, or you can have them delivered ”Solus” i.e. later on themselves. This can be more effective and gives you a better chance of being noticed. It costs a bit more, but the strength it provides you with in terms of being spotted might be worth it.

Delivery Quality

When you pay a group of young kids around £10 to go and deliver your leaflets for you, the chances are that half of them will end up in a bag or skewed across the ground. If you use a professional service to manage your projects, then it’s much easier to actually get things done as they should be. It’ll cost you a bit more but the jump in price is 100% worth it – going with a professional to manage your campaigns is going to be way more beneficial than relying on some local kids to do a good job.

Leaflet delivery marketing is still very effective – it’s incredibly effective in the right environment, in fact. The problem is that so many people aren’t sure of how to go about doing it properly, that they leave themselves potentially exposed and waste time, effort and resources trying to get the delivery quality as cheap as possible, not as good as it can be!

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