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We live in an increasingly digitised commerce era, and a lot of marketing investment is now going on online marketing platforms such as blogs, web ads, Google pay-per-click ads, social media, email, etc.

Leaflets may be considered a more conventional type of advertisement, and therefore a less meaningful form of advertising. However, that is not the case, as leaflets or flyers still play a significant role in advertising and marketing strategy. “The Direct Marketing Association (DMA) has carried out extensive research in an attempt to give you a good idea of what to expect from your flyer distribution campaign: “A key finding is that 89% of consumers remember receiving a door drop mailing – more than any other marketing channel. And it has a powerful place in people’s lives, with 45% keeping leaflets on a pinboard or in the kitchen drawer”. This is great news! However, the average response rate is around 1%.”

“The average person in the UK interacts with the average piece of direct mail 4.44 times a month (an interaction can be anything from opening, reading, pinning mail to the notice board or passing it on to someone else). 17-34 year olds record average interaction rates of 3.85 times a month – less than the average adult, but not that much less given the noise that is made around the irrelevance of offline channels in targeting young people. Crucially, mail in younger households is just as likely to be shared as elsewhere (reaching 1.14 people per household on average) and will stay in the home (i.e. before being thrown or filed away) for 10.4 days – nearly two days longer than the average mail piece. If it’s potential audience attention you want, then clearly there is something to be said for the staying power of mail.” Click here to read the full JICMAIL blog article about direct mail key metrics.

Many organisations worldwide use leaflets and posters, whether they are selling a new product or communicating events and services that they provide. Spending time creating a well designed leaflet with a clear call to action and message is paramount to achieve a good ROI. Also, having a user friendly and attractive website and brilliant customer service will also increase the chances of your marketing campaign being successful. D2D guarantee delivery of your leaflets and flyers and are happy to advise regarding the best print specifications and artwork designs for effective door drops. Check out our many client reviews and click here to find out more about our marketing services.

Advantages of Leaflets:

Leaflets have several advantages as they are readily available and can be accessed in daily life in many ways. The following is a concise list of the advantages of direct marketing using leaflet and flyer deliveries:

  • Leaflets provide long-term event marketing.
  • They are capable of presenting the main message.
  • They provide a good return on investment.
  • They have eye-catching designs
  • Leaflets are styled and crafted for brands.
  • The leaflet’s message is quickly delivered.
  • Leaflets are quickly delivered and distributed in markets that conveniently reach the targeted audience.
  • An artistic expression of art is depicted in leaflets.
  • Individuals still trust the printed content in today’s age.
  • At all events and even at home, leaflets can develop connections.

The importance of a Good Design of Leaflet:

When it comes to a leaflet, it’s essential to make sure it looks attractive. Since these leaflets are handed to people often when they are on their way to someplace, or have other things on their minds. So the time to get their attention and get the message across is minimal, i.e., it takes about 68 seconds to get someone’s attention.

Instead of reading the entire thing, people usually skim the leaflet, so it is essential that the leaflet’s design is eye-catching and conveys the message immediately. If someone wishes a potential customer or client to be involved or curious enough to take action or keep the leaflet, the design needs to be impactful.

A leaflet is visually appealing and can come in various designs that can catch the interest of prospective customers. This versatility will affect the content style to produce a leaflet that is simple to read and conveys the message effectively. A leaflet is made to draw customers and to keep them interested in the brand, so it is crucial to be visual and direct so that they are easy to read.

Characteristics of a Good Leaflet:

A good leaflet has the following characteristics that would let it flourish in the competitive world.

  • The colours and logo of a leaflet are consistent with the current branding.
  • The images of a leaflet are eye-catching.
  • The leaflet design should be a clear call to action.
  • The leaflets have an organised structure.
  • The leaflet artwork has full contact details.
  • The leaflet has an offer or a discount code.
  • The paper should be of good quality.
  • The font, format, and size should be readable.
  • The leaflet should boost business confidence.
  • The artwork should stand out.

For many years, leaflets have been used as a selling tactic, and it will get positive feedback if the leaflet is perfectly designed. Leaflets are a cost effective form of advertising and achieve direct delivery. They are a perfect way to advertise your company or commodity among local businesses and homes. In this technological world, a blend of creative art and traditional means of advertisement helps reach out to your desired target audience by appealing to their eyes and taste.


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