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D2D have been delivering leaflets and flyers throughout Brighton & Hove and to Sussex households and businesses for many years. Our local distribution team are knowledgable of the demographics for each delivery area. We also use 2011 Census data, infographics, Mail Media Metrics, records of consumer interaction and ROI from previous campaigns.

“Advertising mail is the third largest media channel in the UK, worth an estimated £1.7bn annually. JICMAIL stands for Joint Industry Committee for Mail and delivers industry-standard audience measurement data for advertising mail and door drops.”

D2D also offer complimentary digital marketing and web development services such as blog article writing, website content writing, SMM and SEO and can help you achieve successful demographic targeting. To find out more click here and feel free to contact us.

Effective segmentation of the audience is the foundation of a direct marketing strategy and it is the first step in getting a great mailing list. Targeting is the process of dividing a large group of people into smaller groups so one can customise the messaging to their needs. When it comes down to it, the best way to connect with prospective clients is to learn what makes them tick and incorporate that knowledge into the marketing campaign. One is best to use demographic targeting to optimise promotions and achieve a successful ROI.

Demographic targeting is a form of behavioural advertisement in which marketers target potential or existing customers with advertising based on specific demographic data such as grouping people by age, gender, and income. Targeting individuals based on common traits helps connect with them on a more personal level because one can craft offers that are more relevant to their lives. One can attract a particular group of potential customers who are likely to be within a specific age group, ethnicity, parental status, or household income through demographic targeting in, for instance, Google Search Ads. For example, if anyone runs a women-only fitness studio, demographic targeting might help them avoid showing men their advertisements. By leveraging current information from sources such as the consumers’ data, they can do this by building demographic customer profiles. The advertisers use this information to segment their markets demographically. Moreover, they tailor their ads to increase the probability of their advertisements being viewed by their target market. Advertising based on such demographics eliminates unwanted impressions and saves money by presenting ads directly to interested persons who are searching for key phrases and keywords linked to Google Ads.

Characteristics of Demographic Targeting

Demographics are standard features and attributes that identify a person or group of individuals. Some demographic group examples include

• Age.

• Gender.

• Nationality.

• Income.

• Parental Status.

• Marital Status.

• Location.

• Ethnicity.

• Religion.

Reaching the Desired Audience

To assess the target audience, assemble a list of attributes into a profile or identity for the ideal user by posing these three questions:

• Who would I want to reach? Establish the demographics, for example, age, gender, etc.

• Who is looking quite interested in this product? Decide who will need it more.

• Who is not interested in the product?

Decide whom we want to exclude from the audience. Demographic targeting can save vital advertising budgets by offering advertisements only to people who are much more likely to want to engage with them. The more knowledge one has regarding their target audience, the more they attract potential customers. Demographic profiling helps marketers to optimise their targeting of audiences better and can be used to collect extra data about them.


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