Quaff Fine Wine Merchants

Quaff Fine Wine Merchants

Quaff Fine Wine Merchants won the U.K Independent Retailer of the year award in 2012 and stock a vast range of wines and beers that can be purchased online or from their two shops located in Brighton and Hove.

Strictly speaking, quaff means to drink copiously. It is of obscure early-sixteenth century origin, either inspired by the very sound of quaffing or a variant on “quass” (first recorded a few decades later and deriving from Middle High German). Either way, it is fair to say that quaff has recently acquired a sense not so much of that “downing it in one” but of relishing a glass.

And by beginning this note with “strictly speaking” is apt, for what is a glass of alcohol, in all its forms, but something which provides a tonic to talk? The most productive meetings, for example, are not held in a room with desperate suggestions about what to marker-pen upon a flip-chart but in the pub afterwards.

When it comes to buying wine, a bottle that might seem more expensive can prove a

bargain. Licensing Officers regularly advise against buying “two for £5” from a newsagent’s wire basket. Much of that is of suspect origins, and even when it is not, the quality is poor: most of its price goes in tax and bottling.

Spend a little more, and you find that a glass goes further. Savour each sip, revel in the way that it can change during progress from lips, across tongue and into the throat (or, as one glass-raising salutation has it, “down the hatch!”).

The novels of Thomas Love Peacock are suffused in talk and drinking. In one of them, Nightmare Abbey, a character remarks that such a glassful “‘is the only symbol of a perfect life. The inscription HIC NON BIBITUR will suit nothing but a tombstone.”

To find out more about Quaff’s wine list, events and tastings, deal of the week and to sign up to their newsletter visit:


Brighton: 01273 553353

Hove: 01273 820320

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