GDPR arrives on 25 May 2018 – A nightmare for marketers and there is no escape! Or is there…?


The GDPR is an EU initiative, designed to create harmony across the single market in the way that personal data is used and protected. Despite Brexit the UK government has said that it will abide by the terms of the GDPR.

There will be no escape.

From 25 May 2018 companies will not be able to use personal data to target marketing messages at consumers without their explicit consent. This will have huge effects for those who rely on online marketing. Especially it will be a huge kick in the teeth for unsolicited email marketing.

It will mean an end to list brokers who have compiled email lists without the permission of those included. This includes cold calling centres, charity groups as well as individual companies and major brands. Everybody.

Data tracked via pixels on websites will be included in the GDPR and will massively affect the way this data can be used.

Websites will not be able to hide behind the reams of T&Cs that nobody, apart from the lawyers writing them, has ever read, let alone understood!

People will be asked to re-opt-in to mailing lists but not everyone will grant consent via a re-permissioning exercise. Usually, it’s just 5% or so.
This is a marketing nightmare.

The Solution.

Without recourse to blanket emails, companies must find another way to reach customers and prospects.

Door to Door offers targeted services that are delivered directly to potential and existing customers. It enables you to re-engage these audiences without using personal data.

This means for any kind of targeted marketing: Printing and Delivering leaflets door to door to households and businesses is your solution!

Direct mail is not outlawed by the GDPR. The use of door to door targeted advertising to reach target groups is not outlawed even where permission does not exist.

Get ahead of the new curve! D2D Sussex is your answer for targetted advertising with no risk of breaching the act and the penalties that will occur.

CONTACT US TODAY to ensure your brand is getting out there to the customers you need it to reach. We can help you with every step of the process.

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