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The Cats Protection is as active as ever during these challenging times. 2020 has seen us all deal with events; we never thought we would ever be faced with. Many households have no longer been able to look after their pets, due to changes in their financial circumstances. Cats Protection is always here to provide help to cats and find their forever homes.

Hands free homing is offered to protect both volunteers and adoptees. Cats looking for homes can be viewed by clicking here

Cats Protection has various centres across the UK. You can search for cats looking for forever homes in your area, by searching by branches. Once you see a cat that you can give a home to, then contact can be made via email to this is our local branch. Contact can also be made via




Once a cat is reserved, all paperwork can be posted and proof of address provided. Relevant checks may need to be done. The adoption fee is £95, which can be paid by bank transfer. Once everything has been completed, your new family member will be delivered to your home by Cats Protection.

Everything is being done to make sure that adoptions can take place during these unusual times. Adopting a cat brings much joy to cats and their owners. Cats offer wonderful companionship and are a lifeline to any people living alone.

I adopted my ginger boy Thomas from Cats Protection in 2007 and he was treated very badly by his previous owner. He was given a forever, loving home and he was very happy. He was with me until 2016 and sadly died of cancer. He was so loved and adopting him, was one of my best decisions. Taking on the financial responsibility of adopting a cat needs to be considered, as well as providing a safe and loving home.

The D2D team have printed and delivered Feline Welfare Charity related leaflets to local Brighton and Hove residents on several occasions for Cats Protection.


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