Call 07708 341 339 now to Book your FREE Restore Fitness Therapies Consultation & Taster Massage and/or Pilates Class.

Clare and Michael of Restore Fitness Therapies help people improve their core strength and posture, reduce muscle aches and pains, flexibility, stress and tension.

Michael is offering a free consultation and 15min taster massage

View their YouTube channel to see their wealth of Fitness experience: Fitness Therapies

Would you like to alleviate back pain, stiffness, achy muscles and joints?

Do you want to start getting back in shape?

Are you looking for a way to gain strength, flexibility and pain-free mobility?

Clare teaches Pilates groups at various venues listed in the Restore Fitness Therapies Timetable:

Simply follow this link to claim and choose the package option that suits you best.

Massage Packages

Is your lifestyle causing you repetitive muscle aches, pains, strain injuries or stress and tension?

Would you like to live a worry-free life and fully enjoy your daily routine without any obstacles?

Are you looking for an effective solution for recovery and way to remain injury-free, so that you can move, look and feel great?

The Restore Fitness Massage Therapy room is located close to Withdean Woods at Manhattan Court, Tongdean Lane, Brighton BN1 6XZ and is a safe haven for your pain-free lifestyle.

Leaflets detailing the above services have been delivered to local Brighton and Hove households by the D2D distribution team for any interested residents to find out about this local business.