Jackie Mendoza is a life coach and author. There are a host of issues that may arise in one’s life leaving us with an overwhelming sense of frustration and being unfulfilled. What’s more, identifying the problems of midlife is only the start of the journey to adapting to new circumstances and changing ones old habits in order to embrace a new and exciting future.

Jackie specialises in addressing these challenges and her mission is to help successful women in their 40s and 50s prosper during their middle years. The route to her own reversal of fortunes lead her to being trained as a Master Practitioner of Neuro-linguistic Programming (NLP) which has had a significant impact on her work. Jackie has also published a practical handbook, ‘Starting Again’ that focuses on relationships as the agents of positive self-development and is underpinned by the realisation that at this difficult time what we have to do is build a new relationship with ourselves. She is aware that midlife can indeed be a time of opportunity and a perfect chance to reset our lives rather than surrender to listlessness and a sense that life has slipped you by.

If any of these issues ring true for you then maybe contact Jackie on 07748 982376

Leaflets detailing Jackie’s professional services have been delivered to local Brighton and Hove households by the D2D distribution team.