There was a celebrated cartoon in Punch which depicted a solicitor behind a desk and, evidently, reading aloud a Will to a family: the caption is “He says he’s taken it with him”.

And so it is that, in the end, everything that we have toiled to buy is left behind. Its fate is anything from a battered “Houses Cleared” van to the auction at Sotheby’s which netted David Bowie’s Estate some £35 million for the works of art which he had collected over a few decades or, a few years ago, an auction in Lewes which led to a bidding war for the walking stick which Virginia Woolf left on the riverbank when she died in 1941. That fetched over £3000, and is now in Manhattan, although on that same day there were walking sticks without that association value which could be had for a tenner.

With this in mind, one might look around one’s own shelves and ponder eternity. What will become of all these objects? Where will they go? Whose eyes will light upon them for another few decades, and beyond? The CD of ambient music which, found for 20 pence, turns out to command £46; the abstract painting which a junk-shop proprietor deemed “not much good” but is a notable work by an interesting French artist; a jacket created by a designer who has a London showroom on New Bond Street for those able to spend a £1000 there; that comfortable chair taken, with some effort, from a pavement in obedience to the “please take” sign which was taped to it.

Try as we might, it is difficult to resist the allure of such objects. A bulwark against a fraught world, they provide that measure of security perhaps last truly experienced in the womb. A part of one’s nature might aspire to Zen minimalism but there is as great a pull to the comfort offered by the Nordic clutter that is hygge.

And so it can be that, although one is reluctant to let something go, it can pay its way as the collateral for a loan.

Gap Capital are an independent and trustworthy Sussex based broker who offer loans against assets such as art, classic watches, jewellery, vehicles, land and property, yachts and boats with:

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D2D Sussex have delivered A5 Gap Capital leaflets door to door to local Brighton and Hove households during 2017.